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To celebrate Cyber Monday, we are offering 10 shows for $40. Or 15 shows for $50. Snail mail only for this special at this time.
Accepting vob online trades for wants. Wants page is updated.
List is at thetimedragonclock.weebly.com
Contact thetimedragonclock@yahoo.com
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As the I am Harvey milk concert nft date nears I was wondering if anyone had the cast recording
Will trade a vob for it
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After another huge update I am open to sales for disc or vobs
Trading for wants.
Contact info is is there or


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Still looking for fantasticks San Diego tripod shot, and dirty rotten scoundrels with db bonds
My non updated list is
My email is thetimedragonclock@yahoo.com

Current Location: US, Indiana, New Albany, Floyd, E Elm St, 111

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hello all. still looking for a few show vobs

potted potter
edwin drood stephanie j block
cats stephanie j block
annie revival
bare revival
anything goes tour vid
hairspray uk tour
sister act uk tour

i cant wait to hear from you, i am trading generously and very unfairly

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hey everyone, I would like to end the year with some wants. also if someone would be interested in taking my word docs of links and listing my shows on my newly developed site, you'd have access to my links as payment...
      my vob wants...
   end of the rainbow
once 2-29-12
wicked 8-31-05 Ana gasteyer
potted potter
cats with Stephanie j block
mystery of Edwin drood with Stephanie
bare current run
gypsy with bernadette peters
wicked Megan hiltys last
wicked tour 4-23-05
     I look forward to hearing from you

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 what makes you happy? is it your lover? is it your job? is it your car?  this could go on for a while, but do you get my point? no? 
ok is it your money? your family? your pets? get it now? yes? GOOD!!!!

ok so now my point is made, YOU make yourself happy. you can be happy WITH whatever is in your life, but at the end its your decision

i dont wanna run this idea into the ground, but ive recently had some new dreams of what i want my life to be. i want to finish with nmy dream of nursing school, then achieve my mid-wifery, then i want to eventually open a psych-hospice(ish)-non-profit. 

not to bad, right? well jason has mentioned in the past that i dont have any dreams(not in those words) and stuff. i dont wanna talk about these dreams because if they are spoken, then are not achieved ill feel a failure.  i dont know

well see

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  hey babe, 
                     you say i have a sad look or whatever, truth is i dont know how i feel.

           i feel bad, or made to feel bad when you treat me like a fat lazy bum who wants to just goto work and come home and lay around till its time to do it again. im wore out, physically and psychologically, and i dont wanna do anything but see my baby and eat(lol)

i feel 9 times outta 10 i do something when you want to, with the exception of bein in a bar(im over bein in a bar), then id say 1 outta 5 times. even when i work at the bar, thats not for me as much as it is for you, so you can have money. i wanna fix our problems. me, on my own, i wanna be able to provide for my man, i wish you could lay around and not have to work, youre my everything, except when you say things that make me feel fat, unattractive, and when you look at other guys, youve got a good lookin man who wants to worship your body and you forever. thats a sucky feelin to feel that way for you and you tell me youve often wondered what else is out there. 
  you wanna go out,GO, you wanna look, LOOK, you wanna flirt, FLIRT, then come home and do ME, you want more freedom? then BE SINGLE, im holdin you back from NOTHING, please dont make me feel like i am.
i know you only push me to help me follow my dreams, but pusshin only makes me wanna close down and not have dreams.  one thing i thought would be a problem when we met was our EQUAL stubborness, lol.

i will follow my dreams, and i AM workin towards it, one thing im worried about with school is now i know the demands and i worry about us, silly i know, but know also that i am still gonna do it, but dont mean i cant worry.

jason you are the world to me, everything i ahve ever needed, wanted, and as ive told you before i feel like i dreamed you up years ago. 

i dont always feel good enough for you, and that confuses me since i am the same man you fell for.



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ok so after 12 years and pre boyfriend i am quittin smokin, for him non the less, prolly my first mistake.

withdrawls have sucked donkey ass, between feelin uneasy and cryin i want to die.

i forgot i had a couple patches and went to put them on, or one of them anyway, i noticed they werew expired. so about 20 minutes before i was to be an appointment to have a tooth pulled(damned wisdon teeth) i pull over to get a pack of cloves. SO could have hid this from him, but NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO i decide to tell him, and i wish i had just died instead(FYI all these death references are not literal) he made me feel like shit and no support AS USUAL.

oh well i love him, respect the person not the behavior

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... sound extreme?

well my boyfriend and i have been together now almost 2 years, and have since almost broken up and then perfect and now have reached the conclusion that we need eachother forever and would like to be married, so we are now engaged.

the first year and 3 months we were perfect, like grossin people out we were so cute. couldnt keep our hands off eachother. then he began to feel settled and said he maybe wanted to move home to save money or whatever and have more freedom.

i wanted to be supportive but lost my damn mind and became so desperate for him i asked him to say, not sure if thats why he did or not. anyway...

since then our sex life has gone in the shitter and he says its because he says we should be able to just be together, and hes never been that sexual of a person, but what about the first year when we were like fuckin rabits.

i dont feel like sayin anymore right now, bums me out


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